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 About the Merging

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PostSubject: About the Merging   Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:16 pm

Hello all

Today (sat 11.44CT) we failed in public 0 freq 9000. And have some outlinings here (of course, is my very personal opinion):

** With the recent merge of Vicious+Pledge (or viceversa, if u wish), there is some chaos i see in all players. Is like trying to run over mud. When we were separated Squad, even when we play the same game, have different game styles. We need to unify criteria, and in order to accomplish that, a LOT of training is involved.

** It's time for squadLeaders to step up and keep us training. Playing in pubs, is far from a real training

**We, as squaddies need to play with our own ppl, and get used to it; and support our leaders AT ANY COST.

**Maybe is posted somewhere, but would be good to know who were leaders in Pledge, in order to follow directions from them, no questions asked. I recognize as leaders (and trust blindly in them): Eel, Mini, Famous, Andreo, for I've played under their orders. I know there are other leaders but not played with them so far. No rudeness intended.

What happened to us in today's failure ? scratch We were outnumbered. 8v12 or 8v10. Yes, we are quite good players (or keep dying to try), but cannot fight like that. I saw some squaddies in chat at that moment, but not all in freq. It would be helpful to leave bd or anything else, and join to pwn.

Well, on the point things I say it's a good idea. But even better would be for leaders to evaluate our game performance instead of adding points. At least for me, was dissappointing to get to 422 bty as anchor...and TK'd.

That's it atm.

Peace all
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PostSubject: Re: About the Merging   Sat Mar 21, 2009 11:17 pm

lol damn that sucks. i try to be active as you can tell by my points D:
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PostSubject: Re: About the Merging   Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:45 pm

I'm following you:

* so it's true that some of the cohesion or trust or w/e you like to call it is missing. Ppl need to introduce themselves properly instead of just showing with a new alias. It's all good having a new profile except when your own squad doesn't know anymore who he's fighting with (and that is needed in terms of skill, understanding, ...)
*ALSO Flagging against ... plz stop .. last week i got mugged by a vicious squaddie while i was trying to show somebody a thing or two and got a lot of abuse over it for killing him out of self-defence (NOTE: we weren't even carrying flags)

* squadlead is doing what they can but they can't do everything (read the following lines)
* we as squaddies have to step up as well, egfl is still a long way and we hav to make the most of that. During pracs/ pub games TOO FEW STEP UP for positions like MFR or FRONT/ANCHOR, there are some volunteers tho but they usually come after 30seconds of silence... kk it's just a game but IRL this wouldn't be acceptable. It doesn't have to be all that hard, either freqowner or lieutenant/ captian divides roles like: can you do this? can you do that? .. lol and if we missed over something. I mean come on!.. front, miss, fuckup w/e we can't always be pro right?
*as SOTW stated before me no abuse or insult intended, we're just stating our opinion

btw i'm no official or good leader so don't be afraid to stop me from time to time, I just like to keep the ball rolling geek
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PostSubject: Re: About the Merging   

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About the Merging
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